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MotherReader & the 48 Hour Challenge

Life is frustrating. Sometimes there are things you have to do (like sending a son off to the army, dealing with teenagers, etc.) when there is really something you’d RATHER be doing – like participating in the 48 hour reading challenge from MotherReader. I confess that the weekend snuck up on me. Then I realized if I wanted to participate, I’d really be unable to live with any of my family during that time because <gasp> I am a little bit competitive and I love a challenge. Go to MotherReader’s site and visit the blogs of the over 50 people who did participate in reading and writing book reviews on books for 48 hours. I keep suggesting that everyone scroll up and down to see who is listed in the blogroll anyway because you discover great treasures without a lot of digging.

Would anyone be interested in doing a similar thing for strictly picture books or one for chapter books for a strict age group like up to 8th grade? I think it should be the weekend after ALA Annual so some of us can obtain tons of new picture books and galleys. Maybe if we plan early enough we can send our families and external life on vacation so we can have a massive read-athon?

I do have a confession to make. I am obsessed with chapter books, particularly YA novels. I spend the majority of the summer reading YA novels and talking to teens about who they read. Then I go back and work in my elementary library. I absolutely passionately love my elementary position and that age group, but I am equally enthralled with the books available in the middle and high school libraries. Such anguish. I just can’t have it all here. Yet. Maybe someday.


  1. cloudscome says:

    I’d love to do a picture book marathon. I think one of the rules should be that you have to read them out loud to a child or children.

  2. DIANE CHEN says:

    In that case I’d have to wait until school started to begin – still a great idea but it might change the focus from our putting in reviews to student reviews. What say you? (I have a class of 3rd graders that likes to say that)