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Sea Turtles and Knowing Everything

Thank you to the Librarian’s Internet Index for today’s links on sea turtles. I personally need to keep a list of sea turtle sources for first and second graders every year. I rely upon everyone there at LII to keep me current on a wide variety of areas. While many days the links flowing through my Bloglines account are trivial and not directly related to what I need that day, I keep scrolling through the list to find the new and the best sites so I can proactively plan for the next variation of a unit. 

National Geographic for Kids Turtles in Trouble – Endangered Sea Turtles Face Dangers on Sand and at Sea
Sea Turtles: Ambassadors of the Oceans "Why Save Sea Turtles?" Smithsonian National Zoological Park

If you are not a school librarian, you probably don’t truly grasp the breadth of knowledge school librarians must have to meet the needs of their patrons daily. If you have been in a school library for a single day, you have probably learned how to let your faculty know you

  • know a little about the subject
  • are excited that they have asked you to help improve the unit with new resources, techniques, and technologies
  • will gather some information and meet with them to plan in more depth within 1-2 days
  • will follow through.

We cannot know everything about everything. It is the nature of teaching to want to be able to know enough to inspire others to learn more while creating a constructivist environment with the learner in control. While we work to be the guide on the side, there is no guidebook big enough for the breadth of what we must know. I appreciate resources like LII, Tech Learning, TechDirt, and the ResourceShelf to keep throwing out new sites for me to swim through.


  1. how did you know this ?

  2. DIANE CHEN says:

    Which part of this are we talking about? If you mean the site, I subscribe to the Librarians’ Internet Index through my bloglines/google reader accounts. I scan through at least twice a week to look for possible links for my elementary curriculum.
    If you mean how did I know the topic sea turtles was important, I constantly am in contact with my teachers to learn what is coming up in the curriculum. I also study their teacher manuals to plan proactively.
    If you mean how do I know that I don’t know everything, well, teaching in the elementary building and having 4 teenagers telling me that I know nothing helps.

  3. do tutles have detachable swimming penises coz i heard it and io sewear it is true.