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How to Advocate

Being a Cool Advocate on Hot Topics – isn’t that a great title for a session on federal legislative and policy issues affecting libraries in the 110th Congress? According to the description of this session at ALA, Stephanie Vance, "The Advocacy Guru," and the ALA Washington Office staff will update you on legislation and prepare you to be an advocate for libraries. Ask questions and play your way to effectively communicating with legislators. I’ve played in Stephanie’s sessions before and I like her prizes. You should play, too! 

Actually everyone should be an advocate for libraries. I preach this message. If you aren’t working on being a positive advocate yet you are the only person people see for your library, what kind of advocate are you? May I suggest you visit Stephanie’s site I learned that over 150,000 associations representing millions of members are lobbying each year. ALA is just one. We need to be working on advocacy at all levels: federal, state, local, organizational and grassroots. Have you seen the ALA-WO grassroots advocacy page? I think it has great information (even if I did help Erin in writing/editing/critiquing it).

For a different approach, don’t forget to check out the Library Marketing blog by Jill Stover. Jill states in her blog "I decided to write this blog because I’m learning a lot about marketing and how to apply it to my job, so I thought I’d share what I know with fellow librarians. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I’m definitely a marketing enthusiast who thinks that librarians need to know how to market their services. I hope that one day all librarians will learn to love marketing!"