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Summer Blog Blast Tour

Colleen Mondor of ChasingRay blog fame has organized the Summer Blog Blast Tour (SBBT) beginning next week. Unless you are part of the kidlitosphere, you may not have heard of the SBBT, but you will definitely want to make time to visit each of the 16 blogs listed in the schedule to read each interview. […]

Answers to impossible things

My interview with Julie Danielson of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast fame. Julie and I conducted this through emails back and forth and one quick phone call. As an aside, I understand water color paint emergencies when you are on the phone. I hosted the only children’s painting parties in our building of Army housing […]

Impossible Things to Believe In

Heavenly Mondays! Some weeks start off beautifully with emails from people you admire like Jules (AKA Julie Danielson) who with Eisha created Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast – why stop at six?: a blog about Books. Librarians who passionately love books and tell you about them. I connected in person with Julie last year at the […]

MotherReader & the 48 Hour Challenge

Life is frustrating. Sometimes there are things you have to do (like sending a son off to the army, dealing with teenagers, etc.) when there is really something you’d RATHER be doing – like participating in the 48 hour reading challenge from MotherReader. I confess that the weekend snuck up on me. Then I realized […]

Are you Fused?

The fantastic Judy Freeman and I discussed some of our favorite blogs during her recent trip to Nashville. We are so in tune that we both had Betsy Bird’s A Fuse #8 Production at the top of our list (or just Fuse#8 as I list it).  The description of the blog at the top appeals to my quirky personality: […]

Henry Bergh Book Award

During ALA Annual many awards are given. Being the practical person I am, I hate receiving praise and applause. I prefer receiving my personal notes from people and prizes in my mailbox/email-box.  Still I enjoy praising others and acknowledging their successes. It's even better when there's food involved. During ALA Annual in Toronto I had […]

How to Deal

Assign graduate students a project that is placed online and you’ll be surprised who finds it. How to Deal? is a Drexel University project for the MLIS program developed by Stephanie Erhart , Caroline Aversano , Ryan Bariana , and Joyce Cooper. Stephanie and Caroline graciously answered my questions. Stephanie:  How to deal?  was created […]

Cataloguing – exact or guesswork

Recently on LM_NET and the blogosphere there has been great discussion on the Gilbert public library in Marcipoa county, Arizona forgoing the Dewey Decimal System (DDC) for a loose arrangement by 50 sections & subsections. Many librarians are shocked to the core at the concept of having a loosely arranged system with browsing instead of the precision […]