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First Day of School Books

We read books at my school. The first day of school we read. I have been known to wander in and out of classrooms on the first day with a book or poem in hand. When I enter and if it’s convenient, the teacher might pause and introduce me to the new students then I’ll […]

Beginnings of school

School’s are starting all over the country.  Two weeks left before students arive and there’s so much to do. It’s time to pull out my checklists of starting school activities. Here are a few sites that you definitely need to include: Alice Yucht on her blog Alice in Infoland includes Y’s Tips for Starting a […]


Two of my sons are in basic training with the U.S. army right now. #1 son (by age) asked me to send him a book or two on army cadences and the Ranger program. Since the Ranger Indoctrination Program is so intense and they take their secrecy seriously, I was worried. Where do you start […]

Refresh Yourself

Summer Refreshers! One day workshops for the busy school library media specialist. Summer can be a time of limboland. Many school librarians I know sneak into their libraries to putter. I personally enjoy locking myself in my office and filing and reorganizing my vast files since I never take time from students to do it […]

Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

During ALA I was fortunate to receive an advance reading copy  from Little, Brown & Company of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie with art by Ellen Forney. Based upon experiences of his life, Sherman Alexie tells the story of cartoonist Junior who travels daily off reservation to attend a […]

Not Scary, Scare ME!

Scare Me! "I want a book that’s SCARY" pleads the tenth child in a row. If your collection mirrors mine, you dread this question because you don’t have enough scary books to meet the demand of elementary students. Students aren’t looking for mysteries and adventures. They want scary books with a suspenseful atmosphere – horror without gore. […]

Seeking a job? Part two

More helpful information from JaKay Greer: 17. Resume. Don’t worry about only having a one page resume. 1-2 pages is okay, just make sure that it includes YOU to the best that you can on paper. CREATE a webpage (free ones are available from hotmail, etc) that you can refer someone to. Have pictures (on website) of […]

Seeking a job? Keep this in mind

What do you do when the job search seems impossible? If you follow Sparkpeople’s teacher board or the LM_NET listserv, you may have seen a recent post by JaKay Greer on this topic. I asked JaKay to guest post additional information today. Thanks, Jakay, for helping us out! JaKay Greer:  1. When do School districts start […]

Google vs. everyone via Stephen’s Lighthouse

Stephen Abram posted today at Stephen’s Lighthouse on Mashup’s article "Google Vs. Everyone: 10 Markets Where Google Wants to Win" The short list is: Search Advertising Video Blogging Mobile Start Pages Communications Social Networking Photo Sharing Office Suite I appreciate the concise way  Stephen’s blog gets to the heart of matters. He writes: "This [google] is a key […]

Not quite there yet

From the Tech Savvy Educator I read about the Quintura for Kids project. At first glance the search tool seems to meet the web 2.0 needs for our younger crowd now that Yahooligans has lost it’s high esteem among some LM_NET users. I’m ready to embrace visual search engines because I am a dedicated Kidspiration and Inspiration […]