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Google vs. everyone via Stephen’s Lighthouse

Stephen Abram posted today at Stephen’s Lighthouse on Mashup’s article "Google Vs. Everyone: 10 Markets Where Google Wants to Win" The short list is:

  1. Search
  2. Advertising
  3. Video
  4. Blogging
  5. Mobile
  6. Start Pages
  7. Communications
  8. Social Networking
  9. Photo Sharing
  10. Office Suite

I appreciate the concise way  Stephen’s blog gets to the heart of matters. He writes:
"This [google] is a key part of our library environment and the real world of our users. Can we play well with others, integrate into our users’ spaces? Are we competing here – maybe but not too much. Libraries are about learning, community, and interaction and personal service. That’s a long way from a focus on ads and developing a phone."

I encourage you to go check out both of the links above and contribute to the conversation. I explored the links listed in the mashup article and thought about my own reaction to google’s version and the competitors in each category. Perhaps you will agree with the mashup author or perhaps you can contribute to the conversation with additional tools.

During the AASL Vision Summit that stormy December day 2006 we watched a video on schools in the year 2020 and google featured heavily. The video is available from The Fischbowl (thanks, Karl). Many of you have seen this, some may be looking for something to discuss with back-to-school inservices later this month. 

Remember google is a tool, just like guns. People are what make tools good and bad. I like my google tools because I use advanced searching with students and teach them when not to use certain tools.