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Seeking a job? Part two

More helpful information from JaKay Greer:

17. Resume. Don’t worry about only having a one page resume. 1-2 pages is okay, just make sure that it includes YOU to the best that you can on paper. CREATE a webpage (free ones are available from hotmail, etc) that you can refer someone to. Have pictures (on website) of you with the students. Have pictures (on website) on there that show that you are special, and what you have to add to a school (I am still working on this one, I am not a person that likes to be photographed, so do not have any pictures). If you have volunteer experience add it. If you have a special hobby, add it. With your resume include at LEAST 3 letters of references. Make sure that they are letters that really show YOU in your best light. Include ALL work you have done with children/students. Include ALL work you have done with community service. Being TECHy is a GOOD thing in school districts now. Make sure that EVERYTHING is in PERFECT grammar and spelling (have at LEAST 3 eyes proofread it). I normally have a small picture printed on my resume, with a very small butterfly on the lower right corner to help me be remembered. It is the thing that makes me unique. I am known for my butterfly décor. DO NOT have colored BRIGHT resumes. But a small bit of color (pastel) will work. Do not LIE or elaborate on your resume. If the truth comes out, you are FIRED! 

Good luck. I have been on many interview teams. The ones that came in professional, clean, and ready to answer ANY and ALL questions right then with EXAMPLES were seriously considered. KNOW who you are. KNOW what you want. KNOW your goals. KNOW why YOU would be a valuable member to their school. 

Okay, you get the picture.  BE active. STAY positive. BE prepared.

Personal Information on JaKay Greer: I have been a Teacher-Librarian since 2000 in both Elementary and Middle schools, and a former classroom teacher in elementary schools from 1989-2000 in grades K-5. Always a person with an eye to the unique, I am also a civil war re-enactor, school demonstrator speaking on Oregon Trail and Civil War civilian life, I create beaded crochet purses, and sing in sign language at the local church. I am currently seeking my next place of employment.


I am on several listservs and boards. The topic of how to search for a position in a region where there are limited openings has been frequently discussed. Also, frequently discussed is how to become hired while waiting for a position. This information was originally posted on Sparkpeople’s teacher board, and then modified for the LM-NET listserv. The posts have been modified to fit being part of the SLJ blog. I thank Diane Chen for the opportunity to be included in her blog.

I am looking–AGAIN–for a position/library. But I have years of experience, so I understand that I will REALLY have to sell myself and abilities because of too much experience. I need to tell them EXACTLY why they need a very experienced person.   And, I will bring SEVERAL items with me that I have created to show what type of services I will/am capable of providing for this school.

JaKay Greer