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Beginnings of school

School’s are starting all over the country.  Two weeks left before students arive and there’s so much to do. It’s time to pull out my checklists of starting school activities. Here are a few sites that you definitely need to include:

Alice Yucht on her blog Alice in Infoland includes Y’s Tips for Starting a New School/Library/Job
NEA’s Tips for Starting the School Year
Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators Back to School Resources 
Enchanted Learning’s Back-to-School Activities
Refresh your memory of being a student teacher by looking at the Practicum Guide from UTexas

Keep in mind these very basic principles:
Familiarize yourself with everything you can while there are no people in the library (that’s where I’ll be this Sat.)
Connect with people immediately. The people are more important than the tasks. (includes custodians & sec.)
Take the time to set goals and vision the school year.

Everything else is just a step towards your vision.