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That’s Good! That’s Bad!

Margery Cuyler is an author we enjoy and eagerly anticipate her new titles. They meet so many curricular needs, plus they’re fun read-alouds that are requested again.  Margery Cuyler’s newest is That’s Good! That’s Bad! In Washington, DC with illustrations by Michael Garland and published by Henry Holt and Company. Cuyler has produced two other […]

Exclamations and Zoo’s

I love student teachers and their questions. One of ours came rushing in to find books to help teach exclamation marks and also zoo animals. Ahhh! The rush of fast thinking as our minds scurry through the tons of picture book titles stored in the recesses and oversized shelving of our brains. Yo! Yes? came […]

Do You LOVE What You DO?

If you met a total stranger, could they tell you love what you do? Life is too short to be unhappy. Find a way to celebrate the positives of your position and minimize the negatives. If you are beset by worries and troubles, take greater notice of the little things that are good about your […]

Military Books

Bearport Publishing has produced several new series with military titles interspersed for you to consider purchasing for your students who are interested in the military. Intended for Hi-Lo readers with a reading level of about third grade and no more than 100 words on a page, these titles are less intimidating than most titles on […]

Military Mom

Spending the past two weekends on military bases (Missouri and Georgia) has renewed my belief in the need for history books available at younger and younger ages. I love the posters that say "History is boring — NOT!" My students enjoy picking up a book from the 900’s to browse through. Certain topics remain popular […]


Everyone has bad days. While I am an irritatingly optimistic person, there are even days when I become discouraged. I vision, I set goals and share them, I make practical plans, but still obstacles arise. Amazingly I found encouragement for work while visiting my neighbor Kerrie’s church this weekend. No matter what religion you practice […]

Manners in the library?

This year I posted for teachers my lists of the books about the first day of school and new beginnings. Many teachers took over my past activities such as putting lip stamps or heart stickers on the hands of new kindergartners (The Kissing Hand by Penn) and my postcards with buttons glued on by students […]

Goals for the new year

What are your goals this year? Too busy to write some? You MUST set some professional goals now before the library activity grows even more hectic. Do you intend to plan new units with that third grade team? Will you be analyzing your curriulum in regards to the new reading series? Will you be assessing […]

The Most Wonderful Days

The first day of school is a wonderful time. I usually wear something extremely vivid, bright, and distinctive so people can send families towards me down long hallways for directions. This year I have an early morning post for duty near the breakfast hall so the majority of our students pass my way. How fun […]

Library Video Orientation

Librarian extraordinaire Jill Lambert of Whitsitt Elementary has posted a fun video to TeacherTube for her Library Orientation this year at While YouTube is blocked throughout our district and most districts in Tennessee, TeacherTube is welcomed and promoted at Inservices. I encourage you to explore the videos available free to your faculty at TeacherTube. […]