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Favorite girl series

Have you wandered through the series section of your public library or bookstore lately? There are a few characters that continue to gain popularity besides Junie B. Jones. Some of my more recent favorites include Piper Reed (Navy Brat), Clementine, Wilhemina, and Katie Kazoo.

This is by no means a definitive list. It isn’t even very multi-cultural, but it is a starting point for the uniqueness of girls that I have enjoyed meeting. One of the interesting points is the number of boys who are enjoying Katie Kazoo. I especially cannot wait for more Piper Reed novels. Please, Kimberly Willis Holt, get busy and write more. I know you have been busy putting out the picture books, young adult novels and more, but we need more Navy Brat books.

Don’t forget to check out the author websites like Nancy Krulik’s for Katie Kazook, Switcheroo. Who have you enjoyed?