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Goals for the new year

What are your goals this year? Too busy to write some? You MUST set some professional goals now before the library activity grows even more hectic. Do you intend to plan new units with that third grade team? Will you be analyzing your curriulum in regards to the new reading series? Will you be assessing student achievement based upon the new district standards? Will you be incorporating a flexible schedule for the first time? Will you file all your lessons once a week? (When you finish, could you come file mine?)

In addition to your professional goals, it’s time to set some PERSONAL goals to take care of yourself. I thought I’d share some of mine.

*Set Boundaries. 

Let the faculty know that you are working on this area of your life and you need their help. I now have some flash cards that actually say "No," "Hell, NO!", "Maybe and that’s FINAL" that I periodically flip through to see if I should be pausing a moment before taking on everyone else’s "monkey on their back." Don’t worry, I’m still an Ado Annie type of gal, but I am learning that I need boundaries so teachers respect my time and my family time. I do not HAVE TO rush to school every weekend to open the building for teachers who want to putter around their rooms.

*Be Visible

Share the efforts I make to communicate and work with students, parents, and colleagues. Let others see the behind the scenes things rather than martyr myself.

*Be Healthy

I will drink more water this year, eat more fruits and veggies AT school, and take a bathroom break between 7 and 4. My kidneys will appreciate this.

*Use my Steven Covey card daily

I will work to categorize my activities into quadrants the first nine weeks of school so I can more efficiently and effectively finish my tasks. I will work on depositing in the emotional bank accounts and I will ENABLE teachers to make deposits, too.

*Enjoy what I’m doing

I love my profession. It is the very best in the world. I need to share the joy of this more often, not the overwhelming responsibilities and never-ending tasks.

What are your goals this year?