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That’s Good! That’s Bad!

Margery Cuyler is an author we enjoy and eagerly anticipate her new titles. They meet so many curricular needs, plus they’re fun read-alouds that are requested again.  Margery Cuyler’s newest is That’s Good! That’s Bad! In Washington, DC with illustrations by Michael Garland and published by Henry Holt and Company.

Cuyler has produced two other titles in this good-bad format (That’s Good! That’s Bad! and That’s Good! That’s Bad! in the Grand Canyon.) and this title will join my list of writing models. Check out librarian Amy Kincaid‘s site for more comparative suggestions. Years ago I used Remy Charlip’s Fortunately as the model for a writing device. While a favorite black and white title, it was difficult to locate and current students weren’t as excited. The illustrations are such great fun in Cuyler and Garland’s new title that I know this will become an instant favorite for our Washington, DC and symbols of the U.S. units.

I can’t wait for the symbols units though so I intend to play up the class field trip aspect to plan a collaborative lesson with teachers. I’ll be working with students to integrate social studies and map skills as we produce our own version of our Good-Bad field trip. I can’t wait to see how creative the students will be. Perhaps they’ll produce the field guide to traveling in Nashville.
Two new titles Cuyler has released are Please Play Safe: Penguin’s Guide to Playground Safety that will be joining my section of manners titles for the teacher’s beginning of the year units) and Groundhog Stays Up Late (February and hibernation units). Cuyler definitely has her finger on elementary student’s curriculum. Whether it’s 100th day, holidays, fire safety, snowmen, and poetry, she has produced a title. I think I’d better email her some ideas. Margery, do you take suggestions for new books?