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New to the Position?

Meeting new school librarians thrills me. Through them I can experience anew the first year of being a library media specialist in a school. This year I hope to work closely with Piper Nyman in Nashville who is just one of many new librarians coming on board.When you are the only librarian in your school […]

Favorite girl series

Have you wandered through the series section of your public library or bookstore lately? There are a few characters that continue to gain popularity besides Junie B. Jones. Some of my more recent favorites include Piper Reed (Navy Brat), Clementine, Wilhemina, and Katie Kazoo. This is by no means a definitive list. It isn’t even […]

How do you begin?

During your first session with students at the beginning of the school year how do you begin? Do you have formal orientations? Do you begin with a storytime for younger students? Do you have centers and interactive orientations like scavenger hunts? I wish I were the all-knowing librarian who has mastered and perfected beginnings, but, […]