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You also offer many other services unique to Star Bright such as customized new baby bags, supplying books for reading give-away projects, and helping develop opening day preschool collections.

Which services do you believe are most unique?

Like a number of publishers, we deeply discount our books to libraries and organizations through Reading Is Fundamental, or RIF. We are committed to publishing books in many languages and creating books that include children with different abilities. We have a strong line of titles that include or focus on the special needs of children and youth with disabilities.

Our literacy gift bags for families are likely our most unique service. For two years, Star Bright Books has been marketing the “I Love to Read” Gift Bag to literacy projects across the country. At the present time, the gift bag is available in English and in Spanish.

Star Bright Books worked with Dana Morrow, Director, Outreach Services, Children’s Services and Services to Seniors at the Metropolitan Library System in Oklahoma City to develop the gift bag. Here’s what Dana said about their system’s development and use of the “I Love to Read” Gift Bag: 

When we began to design the ‘Read to Me’ packets our goal was to use a visual message to get the idea of reading to a baby from birth across to parents. The parents we wanted to reach were not natural daily readers so we knew we needed a visual message. Multiple brochures just would not do.


We wanted to be the Nike or the Coke of reading. All you have to do is see the picture and it tells you what to do. We wanted to have the fewest words possible for parents to have to read (with the exception of the book Read to Me, of course).


We wanted to design pieces that parents could use or see everyday – like the bib – the door hanger (with only 4 simple tips for reading and sharing with baby) – the refrigerator magnet. I believe we succeeded.

The literacy gift bag includes Read to Me, a child-size picture book for parents. I am the author of the book; Kyra Teis is the illustrator. The book encourages families to read, to sing, and to tell stories together. This gentle rhyme was originally written for Project L.I.F.T.

In addition, our bag includes Where’s the Kitten, a lift-the-flap board book for the baby. It also includes a bib that shows an adult bear sharing Read to Me with a baby bear, an “I to Read” refrigerator magnet in which the child’s photo can be inserted, and a “take this card to your local library” insert. Various literacy projects have added information about storytimes, a “Baby Reading/Baby Sleeping” door hanger, or other inserts to round out the bag and to promote their programs.

You can read about the literacy gift bags at:

We can customize the kit to meet the unique needs of literacy communities. We are about to publish Read to Me in Vietnamese. Literacy projects can substitute any of our board books (available in sixteen different languages) for Where’s the Kitten. We deeply discount the gift bags to groups who are giving them away free to families. Organizations can even lower the cost by assembling the contents with their own volunteers. We at Star Bright Books believe literacy should be affordable!