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Bibliomania? Do you suffer?

I confess. Not only do I suffer bibliomania, but I actively encourage the practice subversively in my school.

A second grade teacher came to me and described the reading problem she is having in class. She was actively teaching the entire class when suddenly one of our ELL students tapped his neighbors on the shoulder and invited them to read what he just discovered in his library book. The teacher told the child to check out a less interesting book next time. While she told me this, I gave my hand signal for winking and found 2 more titles even more interesting and engaging to give him.  (Maybe I have been reading Bad Kitty too many times and am choosing to do bad instead of good).

Check out Princess Perky’s Page to see if you suffer these symptoms. Beware of Chain Reading. Like LibraryThing, this can be addictive. The DR. Romance Blog describes her reasons for reading:

  • To escape
  • To keep up
  • For Entertainment
  • To read other writers

My reason for reading: I will perish if I cannot read. I am starving without my daily dose. I must read.Tracey offers her description of this insiduous reading addiction. I bet you recognize yourself. "I have no control over my reading! When I get engrossed in a book time means nothing and family means nothing. I get sucked into an altered state of consciousness – an alternate reality. It’s lights on, nobody home. "Muuum. Muuuum!" [no reply] "Hellooo! Oy!" …. "Huh?" I have no self control and no sense of self or family responsibility when it comes to the urge to keep reading. And reading. And reading."

Come on, confess here. Tell us about your addiction.