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Out of the mouths of babes

You need a place to share those cute, hysterical, unbelievable things that students say to you. Here it is. Leave a comment and tell us some of your very favorites.

I’ll start off with some of mine:

When planning which sources to use with 2nd graders using the Super3 Method, they identified they would need the teacher to help. I reminded them that I was also a teacher and actually had more schooling then their teachers. One little boy piped up and said, "We wouldn’t THINK of researching without you!" The teacher fell off her chair laughing in agreement.

At the end of our lesson on how to use the OPAC, I write "Tell us how you use the computer to find books." I remind them that the majority of them failed this on my pretest at the beginning of the year. Most write paragraphs. One wrote, "First I click KC the robot. Then I click Type Search. Then I ask the teacher for help."

How can I grade that answer? It’s exactly what the child does. My favorite part of this lesson is when I roleplay finding books on the computer and then I stand there with my arms out waiting for the book to magically fall into my hands. When the students realize there is an entire component of translating the computer to the key to walking around and finding what they need, there is an AHA moment!

My autistic CBIP class visited this week to take books. They usually have great names for me in the hallway afterwards: "Book Babe" "Fun Lady" "Mrs. Library" and "Computerbooker person"

My all-time favorite ever: One little boy who loved our library came in and said, "When I grow up, I’m going to be a school librarian. Unless it’s too hard and then I’ll be a marine."


  1. Diane, this is so refreshing!
    Kids really do say the ‘darndest’ things. I keep saying I need to keep a log of their quips, but, to no avail. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. My favorite from this year is the little boy in my PreK class who referred to “upperclass” and “lowerclass” letters. Apparently I’m teaching alphabet elitism!