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4 young readers Bk 1

There are many great librarians and children’s book readers out there recommending books for fall like Laura Berube with Salt Lake County Library Services. Let me add four of my favorite young reader titles this fall one blog post at a time.

First and the easiest on my list is  "Princess Bella’s Birthday Cake".  Part of Picture Window Books Read-It! Readers series. Princess Bella’s Birthday Cake is written by Trisha Speed Shaskan and illustrated by Aysin D. Eroglu. I appreciate the note in the front that all illustrations are pastels as I teach my students to view books artistically, also. 

Bella loves shapes. Bella views her world through a shape perspective. (Math brains of the world rejoice. There is someone out there like you with a  mathematical geometrical focus.) Bella watches the cook prepare her birthday cake using shapes – lovely sophisticated shapes – trapezoids, rectangles, rhombuses, and more. Bella sees her presents as shapes. 

Be sure to include this title in your collection. While many teachers and librarians are visual and oral learners, there are many children who see the world through different eyes. A discussion of this title may help you identify those students who are more spatially oriented. Seek them out and connect them.