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I want to go to central London this summer with FSU for 6 weeks. It’s not going to happen for me because I’m already doublebooked and have a son to monitor, but it could happen to you. If you haven’t read Dr. Nancy Everhart’s announcement below, DREAM NOW and DO IT. This is a chance in a lifetime and you won’t want to miss it.

Florida State University, College of information, is offering two graduate LIS courses at its London Centre this summer.  

An exciting opportunity to earn six graduate LIS credits while living in central London is being offered by the Florida State University College of Information.  Two multimedia production courses, taught from June 26-August 7, 2008 at the FSU London Centre, will use London and the surrounding areas as a backdrop for creating projects such as podcasts, websites, short films, and digital photography.  No prior experience with these media is required. Most 2-day per week classes 
will be field trip based.

Other pertinent information:

The two courses being offered are: LIS 5313: Design and Production of  Media Resources and LIS 5362: Design and Production of Network Multimedia. Participants must take both courses and they will be focused on application of media to libraries and teaching and learning. Students will have the opportunity to apply course material to their current work situation if desired.

The FSU London Centre is housed in a 17th century building that FSU owns in the heart of ‘literary London’ and very close to the shopping district and to the theater district.  It is less that one block from the British Museum.  Students live there or in nearby apartments.

London provides superb cultural exposure. The variety of arts, theatre, performances, and other cultural venues available in London is stunning, and almost all of them provide student rates. Often the school has inexpensive play tickets available. London, like New York, has a half price booth for play tickets on the day of performances. London has some of the best museums, historical attractions, and buildings in the world.

Cost is $7125 for both in-state and out-of-state participants.  The fee includes all registration and instructional costs for up to 6 undergraduate or graduate credit hours; program social/cultural activities; health insurance; international student ID card; T-shirt; full-time academic and administrative support.

The course is open to students from other universities who may wish to transfer the credits, or to non-students (media specialists, teachers, and librarians) who are interested in this exciting summer opportunity.  Credits earned in this program may be later transferred into the master’s degree program at FSU for students who may be accepted at a future date.  These offerings are regularly offered graduate courses.

Deadline to register is January 21, 2008.

For more information, and to apply online, visit the website & for more information about the London Study Centre visit

Contact:  Dr. Nancy Everhart, ( with any questions.

I contacted Nancy to ask more and she sent the following info:

  What I am doing is integrating London sights into the current course requirements. For example, when producing a vodcast, the content will be something about London rather than just something more general.  We will probably be "broadcasting" to a website at FSU throughout the six weeks and posting projects, etc. there.  To create the vodcast, we’ll go out and about in London as a group and that will be our class for the day.  I’m also hoping to visit some English school libraries or have school librarians come to the London Centre for tea and to interact with the students.    It should be a tremendous amount of learning and fun in a great setting.

I got so excited I started dreaming about London and viewing Big Ben (the tower) live instead of via