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Priceless Gifts

Let us share these priceless gifts with our schools this year:

a new poem that sticks in their brain and spills from their mouths
a smile and welcome when they enter the library
as much patience with the 400th student as you gave the first 
a new book you chose just because you knew that class might like it
your time to listen
a hug to the child who suffered through the holidays in a bad situation
play-acting that the child "forgot" their coat & needed to borrow one when you know they don’t own any
a friendly note to the teacher you find most frustrating but that you yearn to work with for her students’ sake
a photo of you during the holidays relaxing & having fun so they know you are human

What would you add to this list? My students wrote letters to faculty members in December and several commented that they appreciated our decorating the library so it was always fun, colorful, and inviting. We create an atmosphere that invites others to read, to learn, to explore. Students filling our libraries the first week we are back because they missed us and they NEED new books – that is a priceless gift to me. May you receive the glow of knowing you are the greatest gift to your students this new year.