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All publishers are serious, right? Hmmm! Maybe you need to meet the people with Stone Arch books, a division of Capstone Press. They are serious about their topics and safety, yet FUN! Take a look at their new blog including video outtakes. I love outtakes and Michael’s expressions are so hilarious that my cat came to watch the screen with me and see why I was giggling. I hope they continue these features.

I’ve blogged about and spoken with author Michael Dahl and publisher Maryellen Gregoire before about their scary yet safe books. Today, I received official notice that they are beginning their own blog From their website they noticed: people were talking about our passion–getting kids to read–but we weren’t talking back.

According to their email release:

At, you can count on fresh posts that give you a glimpse behind the scenes at Stone Arch Books. We’ll update you on what we’re doing and where we’re going, and give you sneak peeks into our team’s newest adventures, innovations, and creative projects.

Check out our blog if you’re looking for:

  • more information about Stone Arch Books and its staff

  • resources for your library or classroom

  • information about reluctant and struggling readers

  • insight into children’s publishing

  • viewpoints from authors, illustrators, editors, designers, and librarians

  • fresh opinions on industry news

So, what did I do? I logged onto their website to make some comments. You see, I have a problem. I have emphasized to my students again and again that it is THEIR library. So what do they do? They take my catalogs as if they were magazines to check off which titles they have read. 

One fourth grade girl returned the catalog with an order partially completed for me to place. It seems they were sitting in their classroom huddled in the corner with the catalog and our OPAC. They were looking up each title that looked interesting and if I didn’t already have it, they were putting it on their list. This would be great if I could as easily find the money to balance my purchases. They innocently look at me in groups and say, "But Mrs. Chen, we will read them and you know we must have books in OUR library that the readers want." ARGH! Who has taught them that innocent look? Oops! Melodrama 101 with Mrs. Chen.

Let me know if you have other publishers producing interactive sites like this for us to connect with. As a reward for you reading all the way to end,  I’ll be happy to send a Stone Arch book to the first person who posts in the comments here what Michael Dahl says about dead people and the library. You’ve got to take a moment in the new year and laugh, too.