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Take your CUP with you

Hope you didn’t miss the Task Force on the Environment of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (TFOE-SRRT) request for everyone to take their own cup with them to ALA-Midwinter.  See the ALA Midwinter wiki for more info. According to them, we can significantly cut down our carbon footprints by reducing the amount of disposable cups. I’m all for this, but I was curious about the Starbucks reference so I took my Starbucks gift card #3 son gave me and asked them questions at the Target/Starbucks near my house. None of the teenager workers there knew what I was talking about regarding reducing waste, but they did tell me that Starbucks will charge me less for my coffee if I bring my own cup. A group of 8 teenagers eavesdropping said, "WHAT?! We can save money with our cups?!" They immediately started text-messaging their friends. Before I left, I saw a young man proudly walk in with his cup and say, "Hit me with the hot chocolate, bro!"

My only problem is retention of my cup. Since I have lost 8 pairs of sunglasses through 12 library conferences, the odds are that I will lose my cup in Philly. Please help me out. If you find my wild metallic green cup that says "Hickman Heroes" on it (thanks to my principal’s Christmas gift), please return it to me. I’d like to instill some kind of proximity alarm in my coffee cup so that if I walk more than 5 feet away, an alarm goes off. Any takers? Right now I’m having to rely upon the volunteers, students, and faculty to locate my coffee cup when I wander off. What will I do in Philly?


  1. Its really pretty simple. Just attach a carabiner to your purse strap and hook the handle through it. Of course this will only work if you have finished your drink. I guess you will just have to hold on to it until you are finished sipping and then “click” and its yours forever.