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Farmer Cap is CRAZY and I love it

There are some books that stand out for their unusualness. So does the main character of Farmer Cap by Picture Window Books author Jill Kalz. Sahin Erkocak has created some of the wildest illustrations and I keep going back to this book and looking at it again and again. It has made me pull my hair. I have even talked to the publishing company about my amazement with the design, the book jacket and the end pages. "Why can’t you design end pages so the book flaps don’t cover up any of the pictures?" I demanded. "What is the author and illustrator info doing in the front instead of the back? How did you conceptualize this wacky book? How can I get the rest of the books in this series? Is Sahin Erkocak working on anything else for you?"

Did you know there is a category for ECCENTRICS AND ECCENTRICITIES-FICTION? This title will also work for my tall tale unit. Can you imagine if my kindergarten teachers try to use this with their farm unit? The madness and the mayhem! I think I’m going to go make some Pfeffernuesse Cookies after reading this book.

If you have read this book, tell me what YOU think? Then I’m going to call your neighbors and see if you snuck out and planted licorice at midnight.