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ALA Midwinter

I’m here at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia looking for you. You can find me in the AASL meetings, ALA Council meetings, the Exhibit Hall, joint meetings between AASL/ALSC/YALSA, the awards announcements, legislative meetings, and more. Look for that long red hair and scarves on at least 3 days. 

Let me know that you read this blog because I know you are out there, just not commenting. I want to hear about your issues and concerns, so catch me. 

I have brought my green Hickman School Heroes coffee cup which does NOT have a handle so I can’t  clip it to my purse (although I love the idea, Heather) and I am always up for a cup.


  1. Okay, it’s my third day and I have already lost my cup. I wish more people were dropping by the business meetings to listen. Remember that these meetings are open (except for the clearly marked Award committees). You should feel comfortable dropping in and out of meetings like the AASL Board meetings to listen. Also, show up at Council meetings and listen so you can send me questions. All of these groups are representing you so talk to the leaders and reps.