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No Bragging and Prioritizing

How can you let great news out without sounding like you’re bragging? You’ll have to click the read more and get all the way to the bottom. I’m so excited that an elementary school librarian was elected to the ALA’s Executive Board which includes 8 members, the executive director, and the 3 officers. School librarians have been demanding more attention in ALA. AASL is the third largest division numbering about 9500. There are many more in the ranks because lots of school librarians join ALA, but can’t afford to add any divisions or roundtables to their memberships. It has been estimated that 17,000 of the 65,000 ALA members could be school librarians. You would think with those percentages that we’d have members on every committee and be represented in council by at least 25%, but we don’t. The best way to improve this is to volunteer to serve on council and in committees including FILLING OUT THE FORMS, renewing your membership by Jan. 31st so you can vote, and VOTING in the election. Other divisions do pay attention to our voting numbers, so we need to get the word out to vote. 

Well, since you are wondering who was elected, I guess I’ll tell you that it was me. Yes, me. I am so excited to think of joining Joseph Eagen and Em Claire Knowles on the board beginning at the end of Annual in Annaheim this year. So why wasn’t I screaming this all over LM_NET and the blogs? A friend of mine said that I shouldn’t brag about it. Yikes! I am just so happy to think of the good we can do. I think of people that are bragging as those who think they are wonderful. Folks, let me tell you that I am a plain speaking, practical, working person who has SOOOOO many faults, that I never for a minute think I’m better than any one else who could be serving. In fact, the members who were in the election and didn’t win are probably all much better than me including Fran Roscello and Dora T. Ho (plus Tom Wilding and Pamela C. Sieving) so I hope they all run again and get elected next year which is what I would have done if not elected. But, since I am elected, I am pledging to you that I am going to work HARD at being the best youth representative I can and to do the best I can to make ALL libraries better for our children and communities. 

You see, I do have some priorities here. My #1 son who sent me off on my crusade to "Go make libraries better" after his near-death experience several years ago called me immediately after I received the congratulatory call from ALA council secretary Lois Ann Gregory-Wood. He called to tell me that his paperwork would take too long so he wouldn’t be sent off to serve in Afghanistan this week after all. He was sad that his unit would be leaving without him and he would have to stay behind to take more training and begin college classes at night. Since he is barely 18 years old and has already given me some grey hairs with stories of his experiences in Infantry and Airborne, I am happy that he’ll get more training. This was truly the best news of the night. Glad to see someone is keeping me real and focused on the big picture of life.

So forgive me if it seems like bragging, but I hope you can share my happiness.


  1. Judy Freeman says:

    WOW, Diane! That is FABULOUS news! About Council AND about your son. I can’t think of anyone who deserves the Council gig more than you. Maybe YOU’RE not allowed to brag, but I can tell you all that Diane is salt of the earth, the genuine article, and a smart, smart cookie, all rolled up into one dynamic, exuberant, generous, thoughtful, and charismatic library binding. You will rock ALA’s world and we’ll all be better for it!

  2. Carl Harvey says:

    Congratulations, Diane!!!!! You will be an excellent representative on ALA Exec.

  3. TERRY YOUNG says:

    You’re terrific Diane..but we both know that! Congratulations….now save some time for partying and socializing with us.

  4. Partying and socializing….? Me? You must mean networking, communicating with my colleagues and exploring relaxation techniques with my peers. Seriously, who needs sleep anyway?!