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Tracking Authors

How do you keep up with your favorite authors? I search journals, favorite author websites, make lists on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, etc., but one of my favorite ways is subscribing to services like HarperCollins’ Author Tracker. When Kadir Nelson has a new title out, I want to immediately see those illustrations. Have you truly looked at his work? Amazing. How about Mike Wimmers? Have you truly studied these illustrations to see how they complement, enhance, and advance the story? Don’t forget Ted Lewin, Holly Keller, Mary Downing Hahn, Margie Palatini. Hmm! I may have to add to my list.

I do have other favorite author/illustrators like Ed Young that aren’t listed with HarperCollins so I have to stay on my toes and read my favorite journals. I have set Google Alerts for my favorite authors under desperation, too. Having caught a glimpse of Ed Young’s newest work set to be released this year, I cannot wait to get my hands on that book. This may be some of the best artwork I have seen in decades. I need to see Ed’s speaking schedule so I can chat with him about this book. If you are hosting Ed at your conferences or schools this year, let me know. I may have to take a road trip.


  1. Lance Freiman says:


    I know this message is a bit outdated, but I found this when I was doing a Google search for author trackers. The way I search for new books since there isn’t a author tracker that I can find is going to and looking up the authors there. Now only will they tell you the new books coming out but they will also show you all the previous books written by series and order of the series.