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Yikes! by Guest Reviewer

I read a book called Yikes, it’s a Yeti! by Karen Wallace with pictures by Mick Reid. It was a book about a boy named Norman who had a normal, boring life. One day his mom says he gets to go “camping” with his grandma. Norman’s mom says it so loud that all his friends hear and start making fun of him. Then his grandma takes him to the Himalayas in search of a Yeti. They find one and Norman brings home a Yeti tooth. All his friends think he’s crazy until he pulls out the Yeti tooth. Just at the moment he pulls it out, he sees his life isn’t so boring after all! I think you should read this book if you like comedy.
Posted by Allb (one of my students who is practicing anonymity)


  1. Diane Chen says:

    Why should you read this book? Chapter 3.

    Grandma pulls over her car, rips off her hat and wig, then changes into a leather racing suit! She says, “Not all grannies are boring.” Then she sets out to turn all your preconceived ideas of grandma’s upside down and inside out.

    I also love one frame on page 59 involving the Yeti, but I can’t give away the entire book so you’ll have to see for yourself why I laughed so hard I spit milk across the table.

    Some of the practical teaching features of these Stone Arch books are the discussion questions and writing prompts in the back.

    This title is listed under the genre of ADVENTURE. Go have fun.