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Web Exploring Tonight

Thought I’d throw out a couple websites that I have explored for fun tonight. My email box was so full of interesting ideas that I needed an hour of play. From Lerner Books I explored Brian Cleary’s website. Since Nearly, Dearly, Insincerely rolls so well off my tongue and makes adverbs more interesting, I decided to see the games, posters, and activities he chose to include.

My kitten, KitKat, was very amused when she jumped up, accidentally clicked the mouse on his photo, and Brian said, "Hello." KitKat looked down at the mouse as if it had suddenly come to life.

 I enjoyed playing in Brian’s file cabinet, but I wish the close icon for the pop-up windows was easier to see. I can anticipate students asking me over & over how to close.

Sara Kelly Johns, AASL President, posted on LM_NET, AASL Forum, and her blog about the Spokane Moms grassroots initiative to save school libraries. Check out Sara’s blog at Be sure to visit the Spokane Moms’ blog at 

I took the "What Book Are You Quiz?" eleven times to see how many different books I was feeling like tonight. I then spent some time with my Inspiration Program drawing how the quiz worked. I am in control of my OCD tonight or I would have systematically worked my way through the quiz until I saw all 64 book possibilities. 

Then it was off to Horn Book’s web site to sign up for the free Horn Book newsletter

Holiday House’s newsletter had several features of interest this week. One of my Tennessee school library colleagues Edward T. Sullivan’s book  The Ultimate Weapon:  The Race To Develop The Atomic Bomb was included as a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People, 2008. Way to go, Ed.

My friends at ASPCA emailed me about the launch of Henry’s Book Club for ages 5 to young adult. Teachers and parents can read their start-up guide online for info on organizing a club. I checked out Animaland to see what the first two titles would be.

Where did you explore tonight?