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Annually teachers come to you saying "I have to teach a lesson on genres. Can you help?" Sometimes they know on which genres they intend to focus. Sometimes they simply assign students to read books in a certain genre. Have you ever had 22 fourth graders walk in all wanting an "adventure" book or "science fiction"? Most times the OPAC isn’t sufficient to pull up short lists of books at the appropriate reading level so your students need YOU.  We are fantastic superhero librarians, but even this is daunting.

Recently on the Child_Lit listserv there was a discussion on the lack of enough science fiction titles for elementary students. You can imagine my delight when I found Stone Arch books has a new series of Science Fiction titles. In fact, Stone Arch is one of the companies that provides genre tabs on the bottom of the cover. I REALLY LIKE THIS FEATURE! Plus if you go to the Educators’ Resource pages, you can read their short description on Stone Arch Books and Genre Studies.

Students who haven’t formed opinions on which genres they prefer to read simply ignore these tabs. Teachers with genre assignments are thrilled to see these. They can guide students in reading strategies for each genre when they see the tab. This will help some of my teachers who refuse to read ALL genres and stick with just their favorites. You know you have some of those teachers, too.

Some of the genre tabs on books sitting beside me include:

Realistic Fiction
Historical Fiction
Classic Fiction (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

I’ll post Tuesday about some of the Science Fiction titles out there. Gather your lists so you can add to mine and come to the blog prepared to share.