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Flu Has struck

Influenza A has struck my house. My #3 son is finally on his feet after 6 days today (meds, IV’s, tea, fluids, rest). When I realized I was getting "something" (let’s not give in and say the flu word), I took the Vitamin C the doctor ordered and have plunked myself in bed to rest. Fortunately I am surrounded by books to read. 
Nick of Time: An Adventure Through Time by Ted Bell is currently blowing me away. I can’t succumb to illness until I finish reading this. 
Primavera by Mary Jane Beaufrand has forced me to read a little, then go research the Italian Renaissance between chapters. 
Bearport Publishing has sent me 2 titles on insects from the No Backbone! series (GO INVERTEBRATES!) cover.jpgand I can’t wait to tell you about Hidden Walkingsticks and Smelly Stink Bugs.
My guidance counselor’s YA book on compassion, forgiveness, and living Christ’s example when caring for people with Aids is riveting me. It’s called And You Invited Me In and you can read more about Cheryl Moss Tyler and her book. Cheryl loves being able to tag her blog posts with terms like Gay Christian. I hope you read this book and it shakes up your attitude on caring for others. 
Atherton’s Rivers of Fire by Patrick Carman, Billy Bones Tales from the Secret Closet by Christopher Lincoln, the Spooky places series by Bearport, the rest of the Smart Animals series, and a brand new box from Harper Collins are on my right side calling out to me to open them and read them. Will I be able to resist until I’m well? ….. Probably not, I see the box cutter nearby and it’s oh, so tempting.
Oh, yes, and don’t forget the State House books of famous Texans. I have 5 to read. I was so excited to find a biography on Audie Murphy. After I toured the Fort Benning museum and read about his bravery and his decorations, I wondered why my generation knew nothing of him. Next week I’ll tour the Patton Museum and can’t wait to share what’s exciting there.
My friend Tisch brought some rosin for the bow since I am learning to play the violin in my spare time and I don’t even know how to spell rosin. 
I began a new fisherman crochet quilt last night. 
There are a few episodes of Heroes Season 1 I have watched yet that my sons gave me for Christmas and I have a deck of cards.
I hope I have enough with me to stay in bed until I’m well. Two dogs and a cat have planted themselves on my blankets to hold me down. 
Sorry to desert you, but it’s time for me to go be lazy.