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Tisch’s Response

Hello out there, I would like to set the record straight about this whole spider business. I didn’t know it could be so risky being Diane’s friend! Because I really am NOT a scaredy cat when it comes to creepy crawly things. However, before getting into my virtuous diatribe, I’d like to congratulate the publishers of the No Backbone series. I’ve had a chance to peruse several of their books and loved the large close-up photos. Maybe it’s the elementary art teacher in me that enjoys the colorful views. Or the outdoors enthusiast that likes seeing these critters up close (without fear of attack!) Thank you Bearport Publishers for creating such a fun, factual and vivid series that students can enjoy (even it it makes their teacher’s skin crawl.) Now, speaking of spiders, I just need to say that I am absolutely at ease with all spiders… that stay in their space and don’t invade mine. Spider space is counted as all outdoor places that I do not inhabit or plan to inhabit…like Antarctica or the summit of Mt. Kilomanjaro… or the boy’s bathroom on the fourth grade hallway of my school!


  1. DIANE CHEN says:

    Tisch, I have heard rumors that the Black Widow Spider that was encroaching on your space has met it’s demise. I believe you took photos to prove that it was the aggressor. Perhaps you can write a book about it being the spider’s fault for not heeding the warning signs you posted on your property.