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Podcasting FOR YOU

Stop feeling guilty. I know you have been WANTING to podcast, but you hesitate. What would you say? How can you convince a teacher to let you try this with his/her students? How can this impact your students’ achievement? How do you get started? Couldn’t somebody just come up with a simple book of ideas and techniques?

Yes, my friends, someone has. Kristin Fontichiaro’s new book Podcasting at School is now available from Libraries Unlimited. Kristin includes 125 potential podcasting lessons – some as simple descriptions, others detailed extensively. Wonder about permission slips? Distributing these vocal recordings? Vocal relaxation techniques? It’s all here.  You need to add this title to your professional collection. 

Perhaps you can start planning your summer workshops incorporating Kristin’s lessons?! Let us know how you will use this title. Will you begin a podcasting lunch club?

In the interest of full-disclosure, I should note that I did write a teeny-tiny foreword for this title because I have believed passionately in this project since Kristin first mentioned she was writing this book. I love knowing what titles are in the works. I’ve been bugging my friend Jill to detail what she has experienced with vlogs and students next. Come on, what are you working on? Tell us. Just whisper it in the comments. We won’t tell….. unless you record your ideas as podcasts and include the links for us to hear you tell your story.


  1. KATHY SCHMIDT says:

    I used podcasts with 1st and 5th graders last year but have not had the chance to work with stduents at my new school, but hopefully next year I will get it going again – the teachers I worked with and the students LOVED doing the podcasts.
    here is a link on my blog for my project with 5th grade last year

  2. Thanks, Diane! I just got my author copies today! Hope that people will share links to their podcasts and their ideas at the Podcasting at School wiki: . It’s so much fun to hear what others are doing!