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Okay, you do the work for me today. Tell me why you are in your type of library. Choose the best question from below and share answers to any or all of the questions. I kept the questions the same to help. 

If you have any difficulties with the comments section, stay with me here. There will be some changes to the structure SOON. In the meantime, here’s what I do with comments:

  • Because the program times-out, I sometimes prepare my answers in notepad/ wordpad/ Word etc. then copy and paste them into the comments. 
  • Because the @#$# comment disappears sometimes if I type the wrong secret code, I hit select all and copy before submitting my comment. Then if it disappears, I can simply paste it back in try #2 or try #7 as has happened once. 
  • If you need to put a URL in the comments, just leave off the http:// and it will work. 
  • Because sometimes you have too much to say to fit, you can always email me directly and I’ll brave the comments structure to get your words up there. YOU are a very important part of this blog and WE want to hear from you.

Please participate. I want to hear from every single reader and viewer. If you are not a librarian at one of those types, leave your comment here so we can still listen to you. If need be, I’ll copy your comments and post them into a new post just for you. 



  1. Tell us in the comments WHY YOU ARE A …. LIBRARIAN?
    Was it your goal? I started out my professional – after college – life as a school teacher. After 13 years of teaching, I decided to quit and change careers. I decided to build on my education degree by getting a master’s in information sciences. I knew it was a wide-open field, and I have not been disappointed. I had thought I would go into some kind of special librarianship, but found this position in an academic library and in a newly created position and decided to try it.
    Does it meet your expectations? And more. It has been a great job! I have enjoyed learning all the pieces of this job; there is always something new you can work with. Working with students is the greatest. They are so grateful when you help them. And all of the behind-the-scenes work is extremely interessting. I love not being bored. I love not being able to predict what will happen in any given day.
    What is the best part? The best part is learning new stuff every day. And using it to make the lives of the students and faculty more rewarding as far as their research goes. The people I work with are great, librarians, students, and faculty.
    What’s the most frustrating part? The most frustrating part is the lack of time to get everything done that I wouldlike to do. And having to say no to other projects that sound like they will be exciting to work on.
    If you could magically wave a wand and work in a different kind of library, where would it be? I would still like to work in a special library. I am thinking a media library, CNN or NPR, for example. Thet would be terrific, I think.