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Survey: Why are you a Public Librarian?

Tell us in the comments WHY YOU ARE A PUBLIC LIBRARIAN?

  1. Was it your goal?
  2. Does it meet your expectations?
  3. What is the best part?
  4. What’s the most frustrating part?
  5. If you could magically wave a wand and work in a different kind of library, where would it be?


  1. It was not my goal to become a public librarian. I attended college intending to be an elementary teacher and after I graduated I just happened upon the local librarian position. I really love it and it provides satisfying rewards. The most frustrating part is the salary which is not even commensurate with a school librarian. I would like to work in a metropolitan library.

  2. I’m not *really* a public librarian – but I do work for government, and I don’t work in a K-12 setting.

    1. My goal in library school was initially to get a job that would make free higher education available for the rest of my life – an academic library job.

    2. sure?

    3. My job is satisfying – lots of task variety, some difficult challenges, some decision-making, hopefully culminating in better-served patrons…

    4. The salary ain’t great. And sometimes I get frustrated with my own occasional sense of complacence.

    5. My ideal library would be serving decisionmakers – helping them make informed decisions through input from research and community conversations.