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WOW! I.N.K. Interesting Nonfiction for Kids  found at  is a new site that you need to add to your RSS feeds. I really enjoyed Anna M. Lewis’ post on Art Books to Inspire. I agree with her choices (give me more!!!) and am so relieved to see the Action Jackson book highlighted. One of my best art friends and I disagree on Jackson Pollack, but I learned to appreciate Jackson Pollack’s works through this book.

Action Jackson
by Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan (authors) & Robert Andrew Parker (illustrator) Square Fish 2007

Now I’m off to read the Andy Warhol title (Andy Warhol, Prince of Pop by Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan, Delacorte Press, 2004) so maybe I can learn to appreciate him as an adult. 

I appreciate Julie Danielson of 7-Imp fame who brought this to my attention. She knows I have a passion for elementary nonfiction titles. Thanks, Jules, and thanks to both you and Eisha for the Kadir Nelson interview. He is always amazing to look at and read about. I have to ask, Jules, have you read Little Women yet?

I.N.K.’s description: 
Here we will meet the writers whose words are presenting nonfiction in a whole new way. Discover books that show how nonfiction writers are some of the best storytellers around. Learn how these writers practice their craft: research techniques, fact gathering and detective work. Check out how they find unusual tidbits, make the facts interesting and write something kids will love to read. Explore how photos and illustrations are integrated with the text to explain an artists vision of the world. Consider what subjects are flooding the market and what still needs a voice. Rethink nonfiction for kids.