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Ready for SLMM?

SLMM that would be School Library Media Month. Happens in April…? Your principals send you flowers and recognize you on National Library Week…? What?! You don’t get acknowledged by your faculty and students for the vital role you play in their daily lives? ! 

Don’t give up. Change your focus a little. Thanks to Melissa Johnston and the AASL School Library Media Month Task Force we have ideas to implement. This year’s theme is Join the circle of knowledge @ your library® Check out the SLMM web page:  What will you find? PSAs by School Library Media Month spokesperson Carmen Deedy, links to activity ideas, pdfs of the poster and reproducible activities plus background, letters and much more.

If you are an AASL member, you’ll be receiving a poster with Abigail Breslin in her new role as "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl." The movie will be coming out this summer. The poster also has lessons, activities and curriculum ties for this novel set during the Great Depression. The poster was created out of a partnership of AASL, American Girl Publishing, Picturehouse and HBO.

P.S. Anyone wanting to send me flowers is WELCOMED and ENCOURAGED to do so. I planted 700 pansy seeds this weekend just to hope flowers will appear someday.