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Post #200 for Canada & memories

Thanks to Little Willow for the image.Oh, Canada, my home and native land…. well actually the land of my in-laws and hubby. Sleeping GiantI have been fortunate to spend two vacations in Thunder Bay and Kakabeka Falls. That part of Northwestern Ontario and the long drive from Nashville through Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota is dear to me. Russ’ Fish Shack north of Duluth. YUM! Since today is the one shot World Tour Celebrating all things Canadian, I wanted to contribute my favorite wonder of Canada with its story of origin:
The Sleeping Giant (or Sibley Peninsula). Did you know that you can submit your nomination for favorite Canadian wonder? Several people nominated the Sleeping Giant.

Oh, yes this is supposed to be about our favorite Canadian authors. I think I’ll choose Guy Gavriel Kay and the series of The Fionava Tapestry. I didn’t discover this until I was in graduate school but it changed the way I viewed fantasy. 

Now, who was that Canadian publisher that produces those unbelievable books and doesn’t stint on their photographing of the illustrations? Hmmm. Off to remember.