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Review: Tornadoes by Matt Doeden

Tornadoes by Matt Doeden is part of Lerner’s Pull Ahead Books series Forces of Nature. With 32 pages and sized for smaller hands, this is definitely aimed at grades K-3. 

Trivia: When do most tornadoes form?

Answer: Between 3 and 7 p.m. (the hottest time of day) usually in spring and summer when it’s warmer.

Ask any author and they’ll tell you how very difficult it is to write for the very young – this was written at a second grade level. Trying to convey complex, tragic, or even scary topics to the very young is difficult. Trying to limit your vocabulary so they can read it themselves is even harder. 

Strength of this title: The illustrations of the growing stages of the tornado were very well designed to give a sense of the buildup of the storm.

Some of you may have heard about the recent tornadoes in the south. Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, even in Atlanta, Georgia, many places have been experiencing these twisters. I spoke with a book rep the other day who mentioned that each major storm that travels through our territory causes sales of that disaster to skyrocket, erupt, flood their desk or even knock them out with the demand. 

Be sure to order this title to have on hand for your younger crowd.