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What’s Inside Your Tummy, Mommy?

What’s Inside Your Tummy, Mommy? by Abby Cocovini for only $8.95 will be released in April. Published by Henry Holt & Company, this is a book designed to be read with little ones side-by-side, interactively, over & over again throughout the nine-months of pregnancy. 

Give this one to friends with children as soon as they share their pregnancy news with you. Then they and their families can enjoy this throughout the entire term. 

Life-size simple drawings show how their new sibling is developing. The end contains a flip-out page since we all know babies are bigger than books. 

This oversized book is intended to be held up against mommy’s tummy for comparisons. You could also gather some food to demonstrate size: a grain of rice, a baked-bean, an orange, a medium-sized melon, a carton of milk, a large pineapple, a loaf of bread, and a pumpkin. 

I’d recommend some bubble-wrap, too, because any child I know is going to say, "If the baby is only that big, why is your tummy THAT HUGE?" Come on, you know they’ll say that and your hormones are stressed enough so have lots of bubble-wrap and allow them to wrap it up until they can show you how big they think you are. Remember, someday, you won’t be that big again and you’ll miss all that activity going on inside and the bond you are developing.