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Extinct: Sabertooth

Patrick O’Brien’s Sabertooth won’t be released until June, 2008, but it needs to be placed on your order for fall now so you’ll have it when school opens. In fact, you’d better order two if you EVER think you’ll see this actually IN the library for you to share. Nope, after reading it again, I think […]

Endangered: Animal Comebacks

America’s Animal Comebacks is a new series from Bearport Publishing. Jeanette Leardi has written Southern Sea Otters: Fur-tastrophe Avoided. One of my favorite features of the web site is their inclusion of book reviews by bloggers and journal publications. Nancy Call and Cynde Suite reviewed this series for SLJ, but there are many other blog reviews […]

Endangered: Libraries

Warning: If we do not act, libraries are endangered. Not just school libraries, but our academic and public libraries as well. This is not simply a reaction to pending job cuts or closures like what’s being threatened in Memphis, TN. I see leadership as our moral duty to respond for the benefits of others. See below what […]

UNTITLED Artists Show

Elementary school librarians are still grownups <gasp> and sometimes we get to go out on Friday night like other grownups. It’s best when we can go places where we don’t run into our students, their parents, and our colleagues.  This Friday I was able to participate in a unique free, (NOTE: FREE) one night only […]

Just in case

Just in Case by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Diana Cain Bluthenthal fell off the shelf onto my head today. That’s a good thing. It made me immediately recall the tale of the Three Sillies. The first time I heard the story of The Three Sillies, there was a secret part of me that thought, […]

Interactive History Battles

The Battle of Bunker Hill: An Interactive History Adventure by Michael Burgan. Part of the YOU CHOOSE books with 3 story paths, 37 choices, and 14 endings. Capstone Press, 2008. RL: 3-4, IL: 3-7. ISBN-13: 978-1-4296-0159-7 Not only can you learn the facts about history, but you can experience making battlefield choices as a Patriot soldier, […]

Judy Freeman ROCKS!

Judy Freeman gave us permission to share and I want to be sure that everyone knows about this. Enjoy. She is so fabulous. I wish I had her memory for books and people. I wish I had her way with reviews. I wish I had her creativity and stamina. I wish you all could attend this. […]

Competitive Spirit

I confess! I am too competitive! When you go to the SLJ home page, I want you to be able to see all of the blogs, not just the most recent 4. I worked so hard on my post yesterday until 1 a.m. straddling days, but technically getting my Nonfiction Monday post in on Monday […]

Grammar & Punctuation ? Fun?

Is there any way to make teaching hyphens easier? Just what can you do to make exclamation points interesting after the first time you show them to K-1? Why do teachers expect there to be a new parts of speech series each year?  How do I know which book has the most conjunctions? Sometimes I just […]

How responsive are you?

Do you buy everything students request? Do you buy everything teachers ask for? Do you look through the handouts from magazines, workshops, and even outdated professional materials to add judgment to any of their requests? Perhaps even daring to add your own suggestions of newer or better titles? What percentage of your collection is purchased […]