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Unofficial Blogger Appreciation Day

While listening to the radio on the commute to work, I learned that today is "International Moment of Laughter Day."  We have so many sites that list special events for every day of the year, so on a whim I decided to do a search. I found this blog post today from Darren Rowse who pronounced today to be Blogger Appreciation Day

I am suffering from Mondayitis, too, and that feeling that you are in the middle of a cornfield of towering stalks talking to yourself (notice I didn’t say the woods) with no one listening. So today, I am going to go post a Thank you for blogging message on everyone’s site that I read. Should be about 75 today. Would you consider doing the same?

As Darren wrote in problogger:

"We’re in it together, blogging is about collaboration and together going further than we can by ourselves – so why not help another blogger today by shooting them a word of encouragement, a pep talk, a congratulations, an idea to help them improve or some other positive constructive message. Better still, do it publicly on your blog and tell the world about another blogger who you appreciate."


  1. I appreciate your Duck post very much. You made my day!


    I appreciate you for caring about our profession and showing it via your blog!
    Happy Unofficial Blogger Appreciation Day!