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Saturday Gallery Crawl

In Nashville on the first Saturday of each month from 6-9 p.m. come join over a thousand visitors for the First Saturday Gallery Crawl and Art At the Arcade. John Hung Ha’s work capped our evening! I found this link to his signature piece Centennial Pond at the Parthenon’s East Gallery. 

From the Art At the Arcade website I learned:  Every first Saturday of the month, the historic Arcade in downtown Nashville comes to life with over one thousand visitors. Multiple galleries open their doors to avid art lovers as well as anyone else that is just curious to see what the Gallery Crawl is all about. Art at the Arcade is a collective organization that hosts an assortment of contemporary artists from throughout the world to Nashville.

In April my party only had an hour from 8-9 by the time we raced downtown. Still, I was privileged to view Nelson Grice’s clay sculptures at the Arts, Kaaren Hirschowitz Engel’s Art Web, and the Tag Art Gallery‘s displays by Laurie Lipton, Emily Leonard, and Vadis Turner. Who knew what use tampons were to art for the modern woman? 

The BEST PART of the night was when Nashville met Brooklyn as we stumbled into John Hung Ha’s gallery just as everyone was locking up for the night. Our party was still thirsty for more when we found the Koi paintings that have been displayed in Chicago, Italy, Los Angeles, New York, okay lots and lots of places. We enjoyed our extra time examining all the koi, the new elephant series, and much more.

John graciously answered my many questions and provided us with the best part of the evening. He currently works at the Seigel Studios in Brooklyn, but also owns a gallery in the Arcade in Nashville. His works touched the need I have for Oriental fluidity and intricacies while blending in very Western pop medium. Everyone in our group agreed that we HAD to have a koi someday.  I wish I could plop an image down here, but you’ll have to be content to go visit the CVZ Contemporary Gallery or the Caroline Carlisle Consulting art firm to see more.

His new elephant series reminded me of both Eric Rohman’s My Friend Rabbit and Ed Young’s Seven Blind Mice. Perhaps a publisher will stumble upon his work and see the book I can envision John creating. 

My friends enjoyed the white space of the pandas and the hidden numbers in the cubism pieces. I look forward to seeing much more because the feeling his work inspired left us uplifted at the end of the day. 

Hopefully you will come join us for the next Art Crawl.

The Art At the Arcade is located in the historic arcade 224 5th Avenue North. The galleries are everywhere downtown in Nashville.