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Jillian’s book about me

Jillian and her mother gave me permission to post her book online. Then Jillian demanded I give her back the original since I’d made a copy. I have since demanded a sequel. And, no, Jillian, I am too young to retire (or retiye as you tell me).

Librarian Jillians book about me
The Librarian by Jillian Patterson. 
Illustrated by Jillian Patterson
retiring Jillians book about me
One day a Librarian 
retiyed (retired) from a school 
and got a new job and 
her name was Ms Chen.
meanlib Jillians book about me
And then they got a new librarian and 
she was mean. 
She got no good books. 
People did not like it.
boughtbooks Jillians book about me
Then she got kid(s) books but it 
was better a little bit. 
They still did not like it.
Chenreturns Jillians book about me
and then the librarian was sick. Then 
Ms. Chen came back. 
neverback Jillians book about me
and the mean librarian never came back. 

I did ask Jillian why the kids weren’t happy when the librarian bought them some books. She told me that the library is nice because the librarian teaches them, not because there are books.

Out of the mouths of babes!  Thanks, Jillian. I will treasure my scans. Now may I please have my printed book back?