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Resident BlogArtist Ted Edinger

I decided we need a resident artist (and art teacher) on this blog to provide knowledgeable opinions and creative insights. Knowing that Ted, Janet, and Julie were all three recently accepted into the Master’s program, I took a chance on infiltrating their artiste’ group through Tisch and offered a book bribe. Hooray! Ted accepted. So, everyone, please welcome Ted Edinger as our very own resident artist. Yippee! Hooray!

Ted Edinger was born & raised in hills of southeastern Ohio.  Books, drawing, &  his imagination took him to places far beyond that little town of 70 people situated in the middle of a forest, and would eventually lead him around the U.S. & world.  After completing his student teaching in Montreal, Quebec as part of the International Student Teaching Program,  he returned to the U.S. to graduate from Bowling Green State University  in Dec. of 1996 with a B.S. in Art Education.  In Aug. of 1997 he moved to Nashville, TN to begin his career as an art educator.  Since that time, he has been a speaker at numerous Campus Crusade for Christ events,  a guest lecturer at Bowling Green State University, a mentor for Nashville Institute for Visual Art Educators,  a cooperating teacher for several Nashville area universities, and was part of the team the created the curriculum for Metro Nashville’s Elementary Art Teachers.  In his free time, Ted enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, painting, singing, and scrapbooking. 

See Ted’s TeacherWeb page, a sample of Ted’s art, his myspace blog, and his blog with wife Shana.

So, readers, I had to ask: .S. Are you related to the very famous children’s librarian/author Monica Edinger?

Ted’s reply: -as far as I know …not directly, but there are a lot of Edingers that are artists in Germany too!!!  Something about the name I guess..ha ha! 

Okay, enough chit chat. Let’s put Ted to work.