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Practically Paradise
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Embarrassing moments

Image:Magic wand.svgCreative innovative people sometimes get embarrassed. Recently I was pulling out my checkbook to pay for car repairs when I pulled out my fairytale magic wand (which is much prettier than the one to the left, but that image was public domain). I usually have it at my desk in case someone is having a bad day and needs to be magicked.

The repairman David looked at me and said, "Guess it doesn’t work on cars." 

Several years ago I forgot I was wearing a Cat in the Hat costume complete with facepaint. I drove up to the bank as normal and was filling out my ticket. When I glanced up, there were 10 people crowded into the window staring. I looked around and then looked in the mirror. I decided to play it straight-faced but said goodbye with a rhyme.

Good Grief! Doesn’t the entire universe celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday? Doesn’t everyone dress in costume and keep cool props in their briefcase and purse? 

I suppose you’ll be telling me that you don’t color your hair green on Earth Day?
I did it only one year because the students got a little hysterical and 8 years later still remind me of it when they see me in the street. 

Doesn’t anyone have fun anymore?