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Cuba The Surrender Tree

Two books crossed my lap this week involving Cuba and Cuban-Americans so I wanted to take some time to devote to each. Neither story intends to solve the world’s problems with its relationship to Cuba. But each is valuable for the struggles revealed and the questions they inspire. First, The Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba’s […]

*Spoiler Alert*

**** Spoiler Alert ****** In this blog post, I will actually give away the ending of a book. <gasp> Can it be? During the mind marathon weekend of blogging, have I actually lost all sense of decency? What could be next? Let me throw in some generic stuff at the beginning so you’ll actually have to […]

You Go, Girl!

I interrupt this literature blog for  the chance to send out Hoorah’s! to Danica Patrick today. Danica Patrick became the first female winner in IndyCar history Sunday, taking the Indy Japan 300! Don’t let anyone try to lessen her victory by mentioning that the top contenders were forced to pit for fuel in the final […]

Saturday Gallery Crawl

In Nashville on the first Saturday of each month from 6-9 p.m. come join over a thousand visitors for the First Saturday Gallery Crawl and Art At the Arcade. John Hung Ha’s work capped our evening! I found this link to his signature piece Centennial Pond at the Parthenon’s East Gallery.  From the Art At the Arcade website […]

Bat-Chen Diaries

The Bat-Chen Diaries released in February, 2008, nearly slipped beneath my notice. Perhaps because I love bats or the Chen portion may have caught my eye. Whatever reason, I’m glad that I read this title from Kar-Ben Publishing. <Yikes! On reading this post in the morning, I want to assure you this book has nothing to […]


Ekphrastic:  A Greek word for getting inspired by art and responding to the visual by writing. Two weeks ago Saturday I attended a writer’s workshop called "Writing From Art: Through the Eyes to the Paper". Basically we were creating another piece of art in response to a piece of art. Some of us were much simpler […]

Angel by Cliff McNish

Angel by Cliff McNish is such an unusual book that I wasn’t surprised to find 3 different covers for the book. I believe one is the original UK version, one is the paperback version being released overseas in April and the third is the hardcover edition from Carolrhoda/Lerner Publishing.  You’ll definitely want to visit author Cliff McNish’s […]

100 Days and 99 nights

100 Days and 99 Nights  by Alan Madison (hardcover May, 2008 from Little, Brown, and Company) joins Piper Reed, Navy Brat on my list of must-haves for military families.    While Piper Reed is a favorite of grades K-2 at my school, 100 Days and 99 Nights will join them and also become a favorite book […]

KWN Kids Witness News – Go Vote

Great colleagues make district meetings fun. It’s not the stuff on the agenda that helps you bind more closely, it’s great colleagues.. Sam Frey is one such educator you should have sitting in your meeting sometime. Sam inspires his students every year to create videos for the 2008 New Vision Awards contest for Kid Witness […]

Mind Marathons

My mind has been very actively thinking, creating, preparing for writing, but my fingers were not cooperating & blogging this week. Now that the mind has triumphed over the digits, please bear with me as you experience a mind-dump. Side effects could include: bizarre posts unrelated thoughts grownup and childish activities intermixed diverse viewpoints controversy […]