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Jukebox by BlogArtist Ted E

 I LOVE MUSIC!!!! I grew up listening to Elvis, Kenny Rodgers, Barbra Mandrel, Madonna, Phantom of the Opera, Tears for Fears, Sandy Patty, Meatloaf…yes, a truly eclectic mix! My parents, older sister, and my own personal taste have allowed me to gain an appreciation for almost all music. In David Merveille’s book Jukebox (by the way, David is a French author/illustrator, and his site is in French.. my three years in high school weren’t for nothing!!!!) you will gain a new appreciation for music. This silent song sings loudly! 

As I looked through Jukebox (and I do say look, because this contains only a word or two on every other page), I loved Merveille’s imagery/interpretation of various music genres. The artistic merit of this book is off the charts!!! His juxtaposition of a minimal page preceding a page lush in color, texture, and imagery was a wonderful tool. It was also fun to see the subtle visual plays he made incorporating text into some his images (and some not so subtle but equally as fun!!). Jukebox , though mainly a “picture” book, will be well received by a wide audience! Have your quarters ready, and enjoy listening to…I mean looking at….Jukebox!

In the illustrations, there is a man smoking, wine bottles, a pierced tongue punk rocker, and a possible beer bottle.  How do you discuss OR do you discuss such images with your students?  How would you handle the situation if a parent came to you with concerns about such images?  Is saying that it is scenes from another culture a satisfactory enough answer?  What are your thoughts??


  1. Tischann says:

    This is a fabulous book, and I love the discussion point Ted. It’s great that you have brought up some teachable moments. I’m thinking the items you brought up that may be controversial might be the perfect opportunity to work with your health teachers to discuss with the students the benefits or anti-benefits of these things in the book. Also, with older students it would be interesting to talk about how they would feel if these things were taken away. Could be a way to introduce realism. Of course with anything that may cause parent concern it’s a good idea to make sure your principal is on the same “page.”