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ASPCA lured me in again

I couldn’t resist. Stop tempting me with your invitation to take the pledge to prevent cruelty, ASPCA. Top ten lists and Pledge requests are my weakness. Especially when you put animals with them. 
Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty
Look at my facebook and you’ll see I have a couple CAUSES like Free People Read Freely: Support the Freedom to Read Foundation and World-Class Education for Arizona: Support School Libraries & Information Technology .  Perhaps you’ll begin a cause for your state and get involved in other state’s efforts to support school libraries like we are doing.

My dear friends at ASPCA sent me my invitation to their party today. Yippee! There have to be some benefits to blogging all hours and on all topics. I’m waiting for Miriam to tell all of us who can go. (Everybody look really pitiful and cute for her as she reads this. She’s watching you. Beg more)

I can’t resist going to the ASPCA website. There is so much to do. You can learn, advocate, and interact. 

There is expert advice on poisons, pet behavior, pet care, and disaster preparedness. They even have online forums, a section for children , and their annual Henry Bergh Book Awards to be announced soon. 

Perhaps you went to the section on Henry’s Book Club and decided to set up one in your school. Teens can participate online in book chats from the privacy of their homes (or at the local Paneras in my neighborhood).

Tonight I was drawn in to watching their video on the 17 Common Poisonous Plants. Knowing my animals like to attack houseplants, I wanted to be sure none of mine were poisonous. I do ask first in stores and try to only buy in reputable florists shops where they know what is and isn’t poisonous to dogs and cats. 

Did you know that the ASPCA even has their own YouTube channel? Last time I checked they had 69 videos uploaded – all to keep me from doing my work. I don’t want to carry it back to school tomorrow, ASPCA, so stop being so intriguing!!!!