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Practically Paradise
Inside Practically Paradise

Flipping & Crawling

We have been learning how to use our FLIP camera and MovieMaker software to get a movie downloaded, edited, uploaded, and broadcast within ten minutes. This was one of our first attempts during the Nashville Art Crawl in April. If the video doesn’t pop up, I’ll send technical support to the rescue in the morning (that’s you, Dan!).

Enjoy the video simply because it captures how immense his largest koi is. Also, if I were you, I’d turn off the sound because it wasn’t great. Now, the hair!!!! Michael Tyler and I both had fabulous hair that night so feel free to admire that. Techie Tisch was our Flip operator, so you can’t see that she was also stunningly gorgeous that night.

We flipped, we bobbed (I am such an enthusiastic listener), we crawled from gallery to gallery, and we edited this in under 10 minutes. Considering every program we touched was new & had to be registered, that’s not bad. I now have my working TeacherTube account, also. Maybe I’ll go back and put up all those videos we’ve created over the years.


  1. Kathy Ishizuka says:

    You can also upload to our Facebook page. Thanks for all your good work!