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Gulliver Snip review by Julie O’Brien

Picture of Julie O'BrienSnagged this picture of Julie O’Brien, Hermitage Art TGulliver Snipeacher and guest reviewer here from her school website. Thought you should see who’s talking to you today.

Gulliver Snip

By Julia Kay

Henry Holt and Co.
On Sale: 5/27/2008
Grade Range: p to 2
Age Range: 4 to 7
ISBN: 978-0-8050-7992-0

What first attracted me to the story of Gulliver Snip were the illustrations. I’m an art teacher. I, like most elementary students, will look at the pictures first, and read the story next. In this book, I found the illustrations to be delightful. 

The colors are bright, and the whimsical way that the characters are drawn give a clue that the story we are about to embark on is going to be a good one, full of adventure and imagination. Julia Kay certainly did not let me down. 

Gulliver Snip is found in the bathtub- I mean a clipper ship, and by using his imagination, he transforms a normal bath into a sailing adventure. The bathwater splashes, the storms rise, and before we know it, the ship is sunk. Of course, the adventure doesn’t end there, but the fun is in reading the story. 

As a teacher, I read this thinking of the lesson opportunities in this book; Imagination, Fantasy, Transformation, Dreams, and Surrealism are a few. There seem to be many possibilities in the art room for a story such as this. As a teacher trying to align my lessons with the standards in the classroom, I should mention the rhymes, use of adjectives and the word repetition. I find that when I read a book that has patterns or repetition, the students are very engaged and want to participate in the reading of the book. I can’t wait to read this with my students. 

Note from Diane: I want to read THIS book Journey of the Coal by Julia McKay, also. Look at that sparkling diamond. OOOOooooo.  We study rocks, minerals, and soil in elementary. Maybe I need to add more gems to my life. Take a look at the variety of art Julia McKay has created. You’ll have to click around the pesky little circles to discover the snippets of fun.


  1. Julia Kay says:

    Oh, what a wonderful review! I’m truly flattered! I’m so happy you enjoyed my book–and I’m even more excited to find out how your students liked it. I’m a huge proponent of reading in the classroom. My favorite part of elementary school was story time.