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Hello, Brian P. Cleary, Are you Reading?

It’s all Brian’s fault. My students discovered that Brian read their blog post about his book Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasally.

"The author read what WE wrote?" they asked me. 
"Yes, 4th graders, Brian said he loved hearing from students about his books," I replied. 
"Can we tell him more?" they asked.
"Well, if you insist….. He just happened to autograph and send these few titles. Maybe you’ll like one. Let me know."          (imagined conversation because the students screaming upon seeing more titles just wasn’t as interesting a story)

So, Brian, here they are, the comments from Mrs. Lanahan’s 4th graders about your books. You do realize you may have created writing monsters now, don’t you? Even the very lowest readers who struggle with first grade level texts enjoyed these books and wanted to share their opinions.

The Laugh Stand

illustrated by J. P. Sandy

1. Funny
2. This book had many ways to make it funny. I’d like to make a book like this.
3. Oh, my gooooooooodness!!! That is funny.
4. This book is funny. I liked everything about it. When I have time, I will recommend this book to somebody in the class who hasn’t read it.
5. I like it very much. It was good. Thank you for all the books. P.S. Please send us more books. 
6. This book is great! It is so funny.
7. This would be a book for the whole family. You might even learn a thing or two.
Math Is CATegorical ® How Long or How Wide? A Measuring Guide

illustrations by Brian Gable

1. It teaches you how to use a ruler and how much inches there are in a yard. So it’s really a cool book.
2. I think it’s educational and I think I even learned a few things.
3. This book is great! If I could, I would go running to every class and tell them how great this book is.
4. This is an easy book but it has rhyming words in it. But it is also very interesting, and I would show alot of younger kids this because it is not that challenging to a 3rd or a 4th grader.
5. I really liked the pictures and I got a great review on measuring. 
6. It’s like a rhythm and has a beat and rhyme.
7. I would love to keep this book. It is soooooooooooooooo goooood.
8. I enjoyed reading this book. It was a very very good book. Love your #1 fan.
9. I liked reading it. It teaches good things to know in life.
10. I think this is a good book if you don’t know how to measure. It would be a good book for 1st and 2nd grade kids.
11. This book was so rhymey and fun I could sing the whole book as a song. Seriously! Any living creature would love to read it!
Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes: A Very Silly Alphabet Book

illustrations by Betsy E. Snyder
1. Rhymey! This book was amazing especially how he could rhyme the words beginning with the alphabet.
2. Cool
3. I like this book. It rhymes and it is pretty silly, too. 
4. I loved the pictures. They were colorful.
5. It was very fun to read. The pictures were good and colorful. Keep up the good work, Mr. Cleary.
6. You’re better than stars with candy bars. My author and mentor
7. I really like this book. It was one of the best books that I read this year. Your #1 fan. Please make more books.
8. It was good.
9. This book is soooo good, I could just read it over and over again.
10. This book is good for K and 1st grade. I think they would like it. I liked it. It was funny. This is a very good book.
11. This book is good for learning your abc’s. You can see some letters in the picture if you look real close. I liked it!!!
12. I think it was a good ABC’s book. It can really teach you things.
13. I think this would be a good book for PreK. K would be interested in it if they don’t know their alphabet.
14. I really like this book because it has really good words that the preK can learn. They can tell them to their parents that know alot of words like them.
Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry
with illustrations by Neal Layton

(Neal has also illustrated for two books by Frieda Wishinsky)

1. I really liked this book. It was so funny. I really like these poems: Sporting Kids, Jump Rope Song, Without Contrast and Very Scary.


♥ this book
t is cool

3. I like the poems very much.
4. I like your poems alot. They are silly.
5. I like these poems alot. You should make more. 
6. I think this book is really good for someone who likes silly poems. Thanks for writing it!
7. (from Mrs. Chen) Thank you for including concrete poems and those great explanations of meter, etc. I learned much about trochaic, iambic, & macaronic meter, and your teaching didn’t interrupt my fun at the same time. Thanks!

Rhyme & PUNishment: Adventures in Wordplay

illustrations by J. P. Sandy
1. This book has rhyme. I would say, "It is good." I liked the pictures
2. That is a funny book. The joke about Do-re-mi-fa-so was good. I say it is 100 thumbs up. It’s a 3rd or 4th grade level book.
3. I like the pictures. They are very good. The book is funny, too!
4. This book was very clever the way the author could come up with so many puns. I also really liked the pictures and the different categories.
5. I like the book and the color pages and the pictures are funny.
6. Your book of Rhyme & PUNishment was one of the most funniest and complicated books I have ever read. I am not LION! (Laughing so hard eyes pop out!)
7. I think this is a good book. It uses and compares words. It would be good for anybody to read.



    Thanks soooooo much for the comments about my books. There are some great future book reviewers in your class! Mrs. Chen — please keep in touch, as I have many titles next year that I’ll want some feedback on. Have a safe summer, everyone!